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October Legends is the most beautiful dice baseball board game ever! It begins with baseball's legendary teams, the greatest line-ups in history. Line-up cards give players interesting facts about each legendary team along with individual player accomplishments that are highlighted along with a baseball trivia question, Did You Know? Line-up cards also give team statistics as to why each team is considered to be one of the greatest ever!

To start the game players choose their favorite team and begin by rolling the unique baseball dice. Each play is determined by using the GAME KEY that lists different outcomes based upon the numbers rolled. Collectable player figurines are then moved around a beautifully illustrated diamond that includes spectators, umpires and a moveable scoreboard.

The game board is a combination of many storied ballparks in history. It has a classic look. New legendary player figurines will be added periodically forming a one of a kind collection. Additional team cards will also be periodically added as warranted. Players can also keep scorecards to track statistical information that is an important part of Baseball's history.

October Legends is simply a beautiful game that can be enjoyed by all ages. It is a great way to share baseball history with friends and family. It is a hit with all board game and baseball fans alike.

October Legends is available at selected specialty stores, Internet and sports card shows. There is a limited number of 1ST EDITION GAMES. ORDER IT NOW. Don't miss an opportunity to have one of the 1ST EDITION GAMES. They will surely be a collector's item.

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